New Office 365 functionality – coming soon!

With the completion of xMail’s migration to Office 365, the second phase of the project involves activating additional functionality within Office 365’s tool suite. The most requested new functionality is Microsoft Teams. Teams is user driven collaborative tool that provides a customizable team workspace. When you create a team, it comes with shared OneNote and OneDrive and is enabled for chat among team members. Teams is built upon Groups which adds a Shared Planner and SharePoint site.

Microsoft provides an interactive demonstration on Teams here.

Additional functionality being released in the 2nd quarter of 2018 include a number of new tools such as Planner, SharePoint, Forms, To-Do and Flow. Training for these new tools is accessible through Microsoft and Lynda. Specific training links to most of the new tools are listed below.

Once the tools go live, the applications will be primarily accessible at